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The company was conceived at the beginning of 2017 from the idea and the desire of two business and life partners, Angelo and Simona, stemming from their passion for hospitality and being at the service of their guests.

Thus, was born "Mate in Travel”, an incoming agency specializing in the creation of tailor-made experiential trips to Matera and the entire Basilicata region, as well as to nearby Puglia.

As the very meaning of the brand "Mate in Travel" expresses, our philosophy is to be good travelling companions, and with our reliability and professionalism, we will accompany our guests throughout their journey. Our specialization is the creation of personalized itineraries through tours which include different passions: wine and food, arts and culture, photography and wellness.

Our Mission is to excite the visitors using the beauty of our territory and the passion for what we do while maintaining the values of courtesy and professionalism and we believe this is what makes us stand out.



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We will take you along the wine routes to discover the culinary excellence of our territory. You will get to know the people who are behind the labels, who with great dedication will tell you their story, their love for their land and you will have the opportunity not only to observe all the production processes, you will be able to taste the end product. We are extremely convinced that in order to seriously know about a particular type of wine, it is necessary to go directly to the farms and being led exactly through those vineyards and among the people who produce that wine. We place wine in its context of physical and human geography, and we would like to involve you in their discovery.


A journey to discover the culinary excellence between Basilicata and Puglia directly in the location you have chosen.

This is the personalized service that "Mate in Travel" offers exclusively to its guests, a wine tasting itinerary that interprets a journey among the most suitable areas of our territory: the Ionian coast of Lucania with the selection "Vigne del Mare", the Vulture with the selection "Vigne del Vulcano" and the area of ​​the Lucanian and Pugliese Murgia with the selection "Vigne della Murgia".


We believe that true harmony with the land and its nature can be achieved only when you have a healthy balance between body and mind. In collaboration with internationally renowned Yoga & Meditation teachers, we will accompany you on a journey of total wellness combined with the wonder of the discovery of our territory. Healthy eating, digital detoxification, meditation and art therapy, are some of the activities that will lead you to a harmonious experience between travel and the rediscovery of personal well-being.



Exploring and experiencing a new territory means taking with it the emotions and vibrations of its places. Photography is one of the best ways to do it. One click encompasses all the feelings and emotions that you are experiencing, giving you the chance to relive them whenever and wherever you want. In collaboration with photography lovers and professionals, we will lead you to discover these places, at the best moments of the day, to give you the chance to live first and then capture in one click the emotions that our places can give.



Even before we became travel agents, we were born travellers. We truly believe that travelling is the most beautiful form of learning. We love the freedom to spend our time with the people in the places we visit, in the spirit of explorers. For this reason, we have created the holiday "Free to discover ..." for those who want to discover and freely visit new places without those limits of an organized trip. Together we will design your experience, leaving you the freedom to live it as you like, but with the assurance that all the services for your holiday are at your disposal on time. We will arrange to book the best accommodation along the chosen route, we will organize everything to give you the freedom of movement. We will give you the best tips to get the most out of your travel experience




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